The last of us 2 fecha

The last of us 2 fecha

The last of us part 2 new date leaked

Ellie’s actress in The Last of Us: Part II, Ashley Johnson, attended a Between the Sheets interview with Brian W. Foster, in which she left us with a moment that, hopefully, is really transcendent. Although it may be a reference date for the actress, it is not the first time we have heard such a hint about the title.

Ashley Johnson during the interview we can hear her say «I think it’s coming in Feb….» just before Foster continues with more questions, either by intentionally interrupting her or because the moment might be ready. Either way, at minute 1:07:03 of the video we can see that moment that has thrown us off, even though it is not official information.

Ashley Johnson, also known for the role in The Avengers, among other roles, was able to leak the release date of this PS4 exclusive. Although it is not the first time that something is mentioned about the possible release date of The Last of Us: Part II, since a few weeks ago Jason Schreier also mentioned this month as a possibility in one of his tweets.

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The last of us book

Many are hoping that during Sony’s presentation it will finally be confirmed when The Last of Us: Part II will debut. Previously, we have had several reports about a possible release date for the sequel, but for now the official word is unknown.

In addition, there are hints suggesting that the sequel could have several release editions: Standard, Special, Collector’s and Ellie Edition. However, this information has not been corroborated, nor is the hypothetical content of these editions known.

Fortunately, we are very close to finding out more about it. The new State of Play will take place next Tuesday, September 24, at 3:00 PM, Mexico City time. Of course, we will have all the details of the event here.

Tráiler fecha de lanzamiento en español [state of play]

Cinco años después de los acontecimientos de The Last of Us, Ellie se embarca en otro viaje a través de una América postapocalíptica en una misión de venganza contra una misteriosa milicia.Cinco años después de los acontecimientos de The Last of Us, Ellie se embarca en otro viaje a través de una América postapocalíptica en una misión de venganza contra una misteriosa milicia.

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Cinco años después de su peligroso viaje a través de los Estados Unidos post-pandémicos, Ellie y Joel se han establecido en Jackson, Wyoming. Vivir entre una próspera comunidad de supervivientes les ha permitido tener paz y estabilidad, a pesar de la constante amenaza de los infectados y de otros supervivientes más desesperados. Cuando un suceso violento perturba esa paz, Ellie se embarca en un viaje implacable para hacer justicia y encontrar un final. Mientras persigue a los responsables uno por uno, se enfrenta a las devastadoras repercusiones físicas y emocionales de sus acciones.

Bomb!!! the last official date is released

This Naughty Dog title is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles on the PlayStation 4, and this expo would have been great to show more of this title. Especially when it comes to its release date. But sadly it didn’t happen.

What happens is that in an interview they happened to ask her when the new installment of The Last of Us is coming out. She didn’t think much about it and answered «I think it’s coming out in Feb…». That’s something we’ve heard before.

Perhaps to stay out of trouble, her interviewer interrupted her, because otherwise she would have «spilled the whole soup». But she might even have mentioned the release date. That’s why he stopped her just in time.

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One is that of Mark Ruffalo, who revealed much earlier what was going to happen in Avengers: Infinity War, and Tom Holland, who would have said every barbarity if it were not for the intervention of other actors. That was the case of Benedict Cumberbatch, who stopped him just in time.

Hopefully Sony won’t take too long to reveal the exact release date of this game. But it seems clear that as far as this title is concerned, February 2020 is the chosen month. So you’d better start saving up to get it.

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