The last of us: left behind

The last of us: left behind

jay wheeler ft alex rose – for you (official audio)

The Last of Us Part II is a masterpiece. In the review we explain (without spoilers) how Naughty Dog has lived up to expectations, bidding farewell to PlayStation 4 with an intimate and familiar guitar solo, dark and heartbreaking; just like Ellie and Joel’s story.

Released in 2013, it came to put an end to the life of PS3 displaying before our eyes a technical section that, at that time, was more typical of the next-gen. But what really caught on for a whole generation was its story: simple in its plot, but with an exquisite taste for dialogue and cinematography, and with the focus on the development of its two protagonists, Joel and Ellie, now icons of the medium. Since then, we don’t talk about narrative in videogames in the same way.

After playing from start to finish, we can say that this story had to be told: you can’t understand The Last of Us without The Last of Us Part II, just as you can’t understand Joel’s story without Ellie’s.

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And instead of pleasing the masses, Naughty Dog decided that if they were going to take risks, they had to risk it all. Double or nothing. The Last of Us Part II is the bravest sequel we’ve ever played and all that risk has been rewarded: it’s another swan song; a masterpiece.

la ley – “olvidar” (video with official lyrics)

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the last of us left behind || danger #2

The player was part of the Mexican national team that won the gold medal at London 2012 and at one point played in the Bundesliga, but today his outlook is complicated since he has six months without playing.

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“I would totally sacrifice the economic aspect. That’s where the desire I have to return to soccer comes in. I have been in talks, the commitment I have to return to play involves all aspects. Being a free player is a privilege that I have never had before in my career,” said the player in an interview with Fox Sports.

“It is a different Marco Fabián in his way of thinking and working. “Today the commitment is to eat the courts and the desire to return to play. I want to show what I can still do,” said the Olympic medalist.

the final wish / lin shaye / tony todd

Jennifer Lopez surprised by sporting pink hair. The Bronx diva is now sporting a pastel pink hair color, according to an image shared by Chris Appleton, Hollywood’s famous celebrity stylist.

A note published by the newspaper El Diario of New York, shows the picture that shows JLo posing and wearing a white sweater, a chain around her neck, a strong makeup that highlights her eyes and pink hair a little below the singer’s shoulders.

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In the comments of the publication, people did not hesitate to leave their messages of approval or rejection regarding the new look of the Bronx diva. Some say that the change of color in her hair makes them doubt that she is JLo herself.

“I couldn’t tell if it was JLo, Kim or Emrata”, “JLo is classic, not avant-garde. It doesn’t look good on her. Sorry”, “I think you could put a bag on her head and she would still look MAGNIFICENT” are some of the comments that can be read in the publication, which also has comments from Perez Hilton and Paris Hilton.

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